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Thursday, Jul 21, 2011
D2 vs D3: Clinical Review Shows Vitamin D3 is Better
Posted by Pamela Egan of Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic
A recently published review of by Serbian scientists of 50 clinical studies involving vitamin D and elderly women has shown a six percent lower mortality rate among women who took daily vitamin D3 supplements over a period of several years when compared with elderly women who did not take the supplements. This confirms a library of prior research demonstrating the superiority of vitamin D3 to vitamin D2, its synthetic counterpart.

There is now ample evidence that vitamin D3 is a vastly superior substance to vitamin D2. In fact, the evidence is so clear-cut that the motives of those who still deny that a difference exists must be questioned. It appears likely that in many cases, scientists are simply reluctant to admit the obvious due to the fact that doing so renders any future pleas for money to fund research on the subject null and void. It is also quite likely that scientists face a tremendous amount of pressure from peers to deny that conclusions can be drawn from the results of research for that very reason (money).

Vitamin D3 is the natural form of vitamin D, as where D2 is a synthetic form. In recent years, science has definitively established the superiority of the former, with some experts even going so far as to declare vitamin D2 unfit for human consumption as a nutritional supplement.

While those may be strong words, there is no doubting the fact that vitamin D3 is unquestionably the better form of the vitamin, and that anyone buying supplements should check to make sure they are getting D3 (cholecalciferol) and not D2.

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