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Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011
Prenatal Cradle Helps Relieve Pain During Pregnancy
Posted by Pamela Egan of Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic

Prenatal Cradle Maternity Support Helps Relieve Pain During Pregnancy

There are countless products available on the market purporting themselves to be the epitome of cutting-edge technology as it pertains to manufacturing maternity support products intended to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy. Be careful though, as not every maternity support out there is worth it's weight in air. If you or someone you know is in search of a high-quality maternity support to help ease the pain and stiffness resulting from pregnancy, my personal recommendation as a healthcare and medical professional is to try out the patented Prenatal Cradle before spending any money on a different product that may or may not provide the needed support.

The Prenatal Cradle can help to relieve the common back pain associated with pregnancy. Consider the very size of the abdominal protrusion when pregnant versus prior to becoming pregnant. Having to haul around all that extra mass isn't exactly painless, in fact quite the opposite.

The Prenatal Cradle helps to reduce this pain by helping to more evenly distribute the weight that becomes concentrated in and around the abdominal region during pregnancy, thus helping to relieve some of the pain and strain on the back, tummy, feet and shoulders.

Remember, women who are pregnant cannot take drugs for pain --- not even over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Thus, having a high-quality maternity support in place from the get-go can help spare pregnant women a good bit of pain, hopefully eliminating or at the very least reducing the pain such that pain relieving substances are no longer needed or desired.

All-in-all, the P.C. will help make life much easier for women who are in the mid-to-later stages of pregnancy. This is especially true for women who are expecting for the first time, as the pain doesn't seem quite as intense the second and third time the woman has been through the rigors of pregnancy.

This revolutionary new maternity support has been basking in the glory of late of seemingly endless customer reviews which all seem to portray the product in an extremely positive light.

Said Peter Egan Jr., the executive director at Egan Medical: "It (the Prenatal Cradle) has been one of our top-selling items over the past few weeks. Perhaps what is most impressive about the product relative to its status within the marketplace and within my company's online store is that customers are not only buying the Prenatal Cradle for themselves, they're returning to the store two-to-three weeks later to purchase another one for a family member, friend or other pregnant person of interest."

"On a product-by-product basis, I cannot recall another item off the top of my head that has led to more repeat customers than has the Prenatal Cradle. Needless to say, we'll be taking a close look at the other products offered by the manufacturer who makes the Cradle, and will likely be expanding our inventory selection in the upcoming days and weeks to reflect the addition of a few different versions of the prenatal maternity support," added Egan.

In any case, if wearing one prevents even one woman from indulging in either prescription or OTC pain relievers that may harm her unborn child, the meager investment into the maternity support is well worthwhile.

For the record, the Prenatal Cradle is an orthopedic support for pregnant women, and is 100% drug free, posing absolutely zero threat of harming its user's unborn baby.

Prenatal Cradle Features
  • Helps ease aching back
  • Gives tired tummy muscles a lift
  • Does not pull down on shoulders
  • Reduces swelling of feet and ankles
  • Provides comfort for hips and pelvic bones
  • Great for support while exercising
  • So comfortable you'll forget you have it on
The Prenatal Cradle is available at Egan Medical, home to hundreds of high-quality orthopedic braces, supports and splints, including but not limited to maternity supports and maternity belts.

Sizing Information

- Extra Petite: 0-3 (pant size); 90-125 lbs (current weight)
- Petite: 3-6 (pant size); 125-145 lbs (current weight)
- Small: 7-10 (pant size); 145-175 lbs (current weight)
- Medium: 10-14 (pant size); 175-200 lbs (current weight)
- Medium/Large: 14-18 (pant size); 200-250 lbs (current weight)
- Large: 18-24 (pant size); 250-300 lbs (current weight)
- X-Large: 24+ (pant size); 300-350 lbs (current weight)
- Tall/Small: 10-14 (pant size); 145-200 lbs (current weight)
- Tall/Medium: 14-18 (pant size); 200-250 lbs (current weight)

Shipping Information

Like nearly all Egan Medical items, the Prenatal Cradle ships within one business day of the date-of-purchase.

Shipping Method: Priority Mail
Shipping Cost: $4.80*

(* Discounted flat-rate shipping fee valid for all buyers with shipping addresses inside the continental United States.)

About the Author

This article was written courtesy of Pamela Egan, FNP-C, CDE, ABAAHP, MN. Mrs. Egan is a board-certified nurse practitioner, Certified Diabetes Educator, certified diplomat of anti-aging medicine, and clinical nutritionist (master's degree in nutrition). She is the owner and proprietor of the Egan Wellness & Anti-Aging Clinic and the Egan Skin Care Spa.

N.P. Egan can be reached through the contact form on her website (
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