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Monday, Apr 22, 2013
RE: Medicare Equipment Changes... (NOLA-com Article)
Posted by Pamela Egan of Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic

RE: Medicare Equipment Changes... (NOLA-com Article)

By: Peter Egan of EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply

Medical Equipment Company Responds to Inaccuracies in Article

By: Peter Egan

Re: Medicare equipment changes will result in lower prices, but fewer providers - by Laura Maggi

Original Story: (http)

In response to Laura's Maggi's story about changes to the way medical equipment reimbursements work, I would like to correct a few misconceptions Ms. Maggi unfortunately failed to recognize in writing her story. For what it's worth, I was among the company CEOs interviewed for the story, although my comments were not included, much to the detriment of the story.

Consumers actually have more choices now than ever before when it comes to medical equipment and supplies, and the prices have never been more affordable. This is in direct contrast to Ms. Maggi's piece, which appeared at the Times Picayune's affiliate website.

Now, rather than having to actually drive to a brick-and-mortar store such as the one referenced in the story, consumers can simply log on to the internet and from their computers, laptops or smart phones to sites like EGAN Medical's online medical equipment store and get a better selection of products at a mere fraction of the cost of buying at a brick-and-mortar store (literally --- we're routinely talking 50% less and in some cases less).

We closed our brick-and-mortar store last year, and business has more than quadrupled in the time since. We're doing better as a business in terms of the bottom-line, and we can afford to charge consumers a mere fraction of what we had to charge with the physical store open.

In tough economic times, every penny counts, and when you shop locally online as opposed to in-store, you're talking dollars (and in some cases tens or even hundreds of dollars) as opposed to mere cents.

I challenge any and all consumers to compare the prices listed at Northlake Medical Supply with those offered at There is no comparison, as anyone who takes me up on the challenge will see for themselves. By far, the best way to go is to shop online, and avoid having to pay two or even three times more than the needed medical equipment device actually costs when purchased online.
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