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Thursday, Dec 5, 2013
Medical Suppy Exec Teaming Up with Easter Seals to Inspire Youth to Achieve
Posted by Pamela Egan of Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic

E-Commerce Guru Hopes to Inspire Youth to Succeed in Global Economy

By: EGAN Medical Staff Writer (and Peter Egan)

How Do I Go About "Inspiring Young People to Succeed in a Global Economy"?

EGAN Medical Equipment President and CEO Peter Egan saw the question on the website of Easter Seals of Louisiana. When he clicked the 'volunteer' link he was redirected from Easter Seals to Get Satisfaction. I do not know the respective roles of each organization, and thus since he was directed away from the Easter Seals site he decided to issue this announcement at a third-party media outlet.

The remainder of this article was composed by Mr. Egan in the first-person. He is inquiring about how to sign up to fulfill a request publicly issued by the charity which Egan appears to be uniquely suited for by all accounts.

EGAN Medical to Team Up with Easter Seals

I'm Peter Egan, founder, president and CEO of EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply, one of America's premiere online distributors of high-quality yet affordable name-brand medical equipment, medical supplies, nutritional supplements, maternity belts & support cradles.

Approximately 35% of my company's sales come from overseas or outside the United States. I know e-commerce, website design & publishing and internet marketing as well as anyone, and there may not be a better person on earth to educate youth about the formula for success I used to take over a failing business and in less than three years reduce overhead by over 400% while increasing revenue by about the same figure.

I signed up. If the info didn't go through please contact me at the email address listed on the contact page of the EGAN Medical website.

In addition, If ever I can provide pro bono any of the products we sell at EGAN Medical I actively encourage Easter Seals representatives to contact me and at least inquire. I've donated a considerable amount of incontinence products and am willing and able to donate more from a wide spectrum of products.

For what it's worth, we routinely donate incontinence supplies to the Easter Seals branch office in Covington, Louisiana, and have a 'Champions' fundraising page too that we hope has brought in a few dollars besides what I've contributed personally through the page.


Peter Egan

EGAN Medical Equipment Inc.
President, CEO

P.S. We have long engaged in fundraising efforts on behalf of Easter Seals. Here is the EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply fundraiser page for the benefit of Easter Seals:

I'm also a "repeat offender" of the MDA's annual "MDA Lockdown" fundraising event.

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