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Friday, Apr 6, 2018
The STD Diagnostics
Posted by Amelia Grant of
The abbreviation STD means “sexually transmitted diseases”. This term is wider than the term “venereal diseases”. It includes them too. Nowadays they are subdivided into the classical STDs and the new ones. The classical STDs are those that were known from the ancient times. These are syphilis, gonorrhea, venereal ulcer, chlamydia. Earlier all the venereal diseases were considered one and were called STD. Nevertheless, the science kept developing and as the new causative agents were discovered, the term STD began to divide into different diseases. The new STDs are mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, Gardnerella vaginitis, candidiasis, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, papillomavirus. In addition, the diseases of bowel and skin that are sexually transmitted are included in this group. Among such are molluscum contagiosum, crabs, scabies. There are some STDs that mostly damage non-sexual organs. These are AIDS, hepatitis B, cytomegalovirus, amebiasis, giardiasis. A proper contraception is important not only for avoiding unwanted pregnancy, but also to protect your health and life. The incubation period of different disease’ development may have different durability. It may be a couple of days as well as a couple of weeks. Many of them show no symptoms of their presence in a human organism. That is why regular prophylaxis visits to the doctor are very important. The same with the STD testing – even if nothing bothers you, it is necessary. The only thing that can show the development of the STD in your organism if you notice no symptoms is analysis. Nowadays there is a growing tendency of the symptomless development of the STDs. Even the pathological vaginal extractions are not always present. No stomach pain, no bleedings, nothing wrong with the menstrual period or such. That is why it is necessary to go through STD testing at least twice a year, especially if you had non-protected sex. The most dangerous thing in STDs is their complications. For example, the papillomavirus is one of the strongest risk factors for the cervical cancer appearance. The hepatitis B provokes the appearance of the liver cirrhosis and cancer. If a pregnant woman catches STD, her fetus also gets infected and may suffer from serious pathologies. Any urogenital inflammatory disease is the appointment for undergoing STD testing. These tests check the blood and discharge that can show the presence of infection. Even the clinical symptoms of STD is not enough for the diagnosis. Only the special tests may differ one infection from another. The most exact test is the PCR – polymerase chain reaction test. It allows finding the STD agent even if there are only some of its DNA molecules in the material. It allows diagnosing the disease without microbiological methods. Several factors may influence the PCR results. It will not be true if the material example was contaminated, or after the treatment. An already dead agent may be noticed in the analysis result because it is driven away from the organism by the immune system.Click Here for Provider's Detail Page
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