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Friday, Apr 6, 2018
Sedentary Work And Pain
Posted by Amelia Grant of
Many people involved in physical work think that office work is like a rest. They do not understand why the white-collars feel chronic fatigue after work when all they do is just sit. This is a mistaken view of the work in the office. Sitting all day does our organism no less harm than overwhelming physical work. It can lead to numerous diseases, some of which are quite serious. Very often sitting in front of the computer all day causes chronic neck and shoulder pain. The explanation of this is simple. A person sits all day with his head down. The muscles of his neck and loin are constantly tense. The wrong position causes their overwhelming. That is why we feel pain in neck and shoulders. Besides, the absence of physical exercises in our daily routine causes muscular atrophy. The muscles of our neck and back become weaker with time and simply do not properly hold the spine in a right position. The neck part of it performs an important mission of carrying the headís weight and movements. When the muscles are weakened, this part of the spine is overwhelmed with this weight. As the result of this, the degenerative and destructive processes begin in there. This is the diseases of neck osteochondrosis. The intervertebral disks are wearing out faster. They lose their strength and elasticity and get covered with cracks. This leads to the appearance of a hernia. The first pains in neck and shoulders are warning signs about the beginning of the pathological process. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the more chances of the successful treatment you will have. The modern medicine is not able to restore the damaged disks completely. It can only slow down the progress of the disease. That is why timely diagnostic and treatment will show higher effectiveness. The treatment includes medicaments, physical therapy and improving the metabolism of the damaged disks. But it is better to prevent than to have a problem. Watch your posture when you work near the computer and include physical training into your daily routine.Click Here for Provider's Detail Page
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