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Friday, Apr 6, 2018
Colonoscopy Biopsy: Why You May Need It?
Posted by Amelia Grant of
Everybody heard that colonoscopy is not a very pleasant procedure. It is performed with the purpose of surveillance of the large intestine. The device for examination is rather thin and the whole procedure takes from 5 to 10 minutes and may cause some discomfort feelings but normally they arenít painful. It requires certain preparations from the patient to make it less unpleasant and for the doctor to receive the most exact information of whatís going on in your large intestine. A special diet with no fruits and vegetables during 2-3 days before the procedure and full cleaning of the intestine with the help of laxatives the day before it is required. Sometimes during the procedure of colonoscopy doctor sees the necessity to take some examples of large intestine mucosaís tissue for the further surveillance under the microscope (histology). This procedure is called biopsy and it isnít painful at all. Usually, it is performed with the help of the clip Ė a special device that pinches off a little bit of mucosa tissue for investigation. There are two situations when the biopsy is performed. The first one is aimed to investigate a certain pathological formation that takes place in the patientís large intestine, that is discovered by an endoscopist doctor. The second case is when the doctor wants to diagnose the suspected earlier stages of some pathologies, that wonít be shown in the process of the colonoscopy procedure. There is a popular myth that it is connected with hemorrhoid treatment but it is not the case. The examples of cells received during the colonoscopy biopsy are dyed with special substance and investigated with the help of a microscope to find the pathological cells. Usually, the results of the exam are ready in 7-10 days. Morphological investigation of biopsy material allows establishing an exact diagnosis on the earliest stages of the disease. The examples are saved for a long time afterward in case of necessity to make more investigations in some time after. The more exact the examination will be, the more successful will be the treatment.Click Here for Provider's Detail Page
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