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Friday, Apr 6, 2018
'My Child Can't Eat His Favorite Ice Cream!"
Posted by Amelia Grant of
Probably, you felt a sharp piercing toothache at least once in your life. It could happen because of cold cola with ice or hot coffee. And imagine, how bad the child with sensitive teeth feels! Your baby feels the pain when bites cold or hot food and tastes drinks? As parents, you would like to protect your child from any pain and other problems. Or at least, find out what can cause this problem and start treatment in time. So, look at the following reasons why children can suffer from the sensitivity of teeth. And, if necessary, be prepared to contact your pediatric dentist. Remember, that only the doctor can name the reason and prescribe the appropriate treatment. •Caries Cavities in children's teeth - a very common disease. Caries in children often leads to the increased sensitivity of teeth. •Young immature teeth When the primary teeth fall out, permanent teeth appear. New teeth are quite sensitive to air, sour and cold food. During this period, the child may complain of tooth sensitivity. •Sinusitis The surprising fact is that children suffering from sinusitis, often complain about the increased sensitivity of teeth. However, this connection is very important to bear in mind. •Material from which the seal was made Teeth that have been treated, for example, with filling, will be at risk. If a silver amalgam was used to make the filling, the teeth may be prone to hypersensitivity. This is due to the high thermal conductivity of this material. • Cracks appeared on the tooth The adults usually suffer from cracks in the enamel. But on the children's tooth also threadlike cracks can appear. It can happen if the teeth are located in the wrong place or during night grinding. •Improper cleaning of the teeth Very rarely, mistakes in hygiene can lead to increased sensitivity. However, children may not own the cleaning technique and exert excessive effort on the toothbrush, thereby injuring the enamel and gum. This can give painful sensations. Therefore, from an early age, you need to develop the right habits of dental care. So you got acknowledged about the main causes of sensitive teeth. Now allow the pediatric dentist look after your baby's tender teeth.Click Here for Provider's Detail Page
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