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Wednesday, Apr 11, 2018
Main Tips Of STD Prevention
Posted by Amelia Grant of
Sexual freedom brings not only profits but big responsibility for your and your partnersí health too. And in case of careless attitude to this responsibility, there is a great risk of having sexually transmitted disease (STD). The statistics of their spreading grows every year. Every 15-second one is diagnosed in the world. In order not to join this sad tendency, a mindful and attentive attitude to your intimate life and health are necessary. Very often people feel too shy to go to the doctor with such specific and intimate problems. Itís a mistake that may cost your health and even life sometimes, so if any warning symptoms are noticed, the STD testing must be done as soon as possible. The sexually transmitted diseases are a group of diseases that get into the human organism during sexual intercourse. This term includes more than 20 infections and viruses. They are subdivided into viral, parasitic, bacterial, fungoid and protozoan. They often develop without any symptoms and can be diagnosed only on the stage of complications development. Thatís why their prevention measures and regular medical control of your intimate health are very important Ė the timely STD testing can discover the pathogenic microorganisms and gives a possibility to begin treatment on the early stage and not to let it get complicated. It is very important to not only get rid of the bothering disease symptoms but also to treat the very disease. For example, if you have papillomavirus, the genital wart treatment will be only a part of the treatment complex. Remember that if you will not totally get rid of the disease, the symptoms will come back, and the disease can transform into the chronic one that is more difficult to cope with. But of course, it is better to prevent than to deal with the problem. How can we prevent STD? The methods are simple enough. It requires keeping the proper level of intimate hygiene and contraception, regular medical examination and testing, avoiding eventual sexual contacts, and usage of bactericide medicine of local action, timely and qualified treatment of diseases. There is a popular idea that condoms give 100% protection from STD. This is not actually so because some infection may be transferred through the skin or subjects of domestic usage. And the spermicide lubricant on the condoms does not protect from STD too Ė it damages the intimate mucosa and opens the way for them. So, though itís the safest contraceptive measure, it cannot give you full protection Ė only your own responsibility can.Click Here for Provider's Detail Page
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