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Monday, Jun 11, 2018
Miswak: A Magic Stick for Your Dental Health
Posted by Amelia Grant of
Many-many centuries ago, when people had no toothbrushes and flosses, oral hygiene still existed. People used special wooden sticks to keep their teeth clean. Those sticks were called miswak. Although now we have electric toothbrushes and professional teeth whitening, miswak is still in demand and available in the drugstores all over the world. What is so special about this plain wooden stick? Why did it survive as an effective tool for dental hygiene through many centuries? The secret is the unique composition of the wood it is made out of. It is also used for the production of the multiple dental healthcare products like toothpaste, chewing gums, rinses, etc. This magic tree is known as the mustard tree (Salvadora persica). The miswak sticks can be made of its roots or limbs. The ones made of roots are more convenient because they are softer and juicier. The miswak sticks have a pleasant taste and do not harm gums because of their gentle fibers. What makes the mustard tree extract so special? It is loaded with useful substances. This is a short list of some vital elements for our teeth provided by this unique plant: 1.Flavonoids. They protect our teeth from the free radicals and help them stand against the inflammatory processes. 2. Alkaloids. They have a bactericide effect and help our gums recover from diseases faster. 3. Tannic acid. It helps with cleaning teeth and gums, makes wounds heal faster and stops bleeding. Layers of this substance accumulate on the teeth enamel and prevent decay. Tannic acid is also very useful for proper digestion. 4. Essential oils. They have an analgesic, soothing and anti-inflammatory action. The oils prevent calculus appearance and help our mouth stand against the bacterial invasion. 5. Vitamin C. A natural antioxidant that regenerates the tissues and improves the color of teeth. 6. Fluorine and calcium are known for their preserving and remineralizing qualities. The full list of the elements that the mustard tree contains requires a separate article. Of course, miswak cannot replace a regular toothbrush, but it is a good and natural way to support your teeth and gums.Click Here for Provider's Detail Page
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