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Gyrotonic Physical Training

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Gyrotonic® is a training program that is practiced on a Gyrotonic Pulley Tower.  Incorporating key aspects of dance, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts and swimming — a unique physical training program was developed.  While a person does these exercises they use minimal effort to strengthen and stretch the body, simultaneously increasing coordination and range of motion.  During the workout no part of the body is left immobile, involving all muscle groups and joint systems.  Spherical and rhythmical movements minimize the impact on the joints and lengthening the body.  Specific breathing is coupled with these unique movements enhancing cardiovascular and aerobic rhythms.  

A focus is placed on the importance of spinal column strength and functionality.  Through these exercises the spinal column is strengthened, increasing the person's physical constitution and flexibility.  The system is accredited to being an excellent rehabilitation for professional athletes and performers as well as the general public.

Juliu Horvath developed Gyrotonic® in the 1960s.  An ethnic Hungarian, Horvath was born in Romania, and moved to the United States in search of asylum.   In Romania he had spent many years as a gymnast and swimmer before he entered a professional career as a ballet dancer.  He left dance and began to work on designing a new method of exercise.  His first machine was the Gyrotonic Handle Unit and he went on to develop several other exercise machines that facilitate the body in building strength, flexibility and coordination.

Author: Bronwyn Bacon, ND Candidate '09


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