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Heil = whole/sound/remedial kunst = art

Heilkunst is the name given by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann to the complete system of medicine and health found in his writings, most notably the Organon der Heilkunst, his central work. Homeopathy is only one part of this remarkable system.

Wholeness for Hahnemann is a profound state of spiritual evolution and health that allows each person to fulfill their divine purpose in life. The ability to use natural laws to achieve this state demands deep and careful powers of observation and discernment, which presupposes a profound state of health on the part of the physician. Medicine must be grounded in natural law and operate according to scientific principles. The ability to practice medicine on this basis demands skills that go beyond the purely mechanical or technical. Thus Heilkunst is ultimately an art form, as well as being the highest scientific form of expression of human knowledge. To be a true physician is to be a Heilkunstler, or one who practices Heilkunst, the art of making people whole at all levels.

Heilkunst encompasses an extensive variety of health-promoting methods developed by courageous and independently-minded medical scientists, ranging from nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices, through various therapies to support one's innate natural healing power (massage, manipulation, energy work), to medicine (first aid, acute and chronic diseases) and into the realm of spiritual evolution. Each of these methods is interconnected through a dynamic system of timeless principles that allows the true physician to use them scientifically - on clear principles, as and when required, according to the form given by Nature herself for the attainment of true health.

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